DS-K1T201AEF – Pro Series Fingerprint Terminal

DS-K1T201AEF – Pro Series Fingerprint Terminal


    • Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
    • 2.8-inch LCD display screen
    • 5000 fingerprints, 100,000 cards(EM card), 300,000 events storage
    • Communication via TCP/TP and Wi-Fi
    • RS-485 and Wiegand interface
    • ISUP5.0、ISAPI

DS-K1T201AEF is an optical fingerprint access control terminal with multiple advanced technologies including fingerprint recognition, Wi-Fi, and LCD screen. It is designed with a 2.8-inch LCD screen. It is equipped with an optical fingerprint recognition module (supporting 1:1 mode and 1:N mode) and supports offline operation.

      • IP addresses conflicted alarm
      • Supports uploading real-time events
      • Gets offline events: Avoids events losing
      • Touch mode and blue light display technique for keypad
      • Stand-alone settings for the terminal
      • 2.8-inch LCD display screen to display the time, the date, etc.
      • Max. 100,000 valid card capacity, Max. 5000 fingerprint capacity, and Max. 300,000 access control events capacity
      • Communication via wired network (TCP/TP) and Wi-Fi
      • Supports ISUP5.0 protocol for public network communication
      • Supports multiple door opening modes (card, card + password, fingerprint, exit button, etc.)
      • Supports RS-485 and Wiegand (26/34) communication for connecting the external card reader
      • Applies authentications from the client to the device
      • Supports Wiegand (26/34) interface and RS-485 interface for accessing the controller
      • Tampering detection, unlocking overtime alarm, invalid card swiping over times alarm, forced opening door alarm, and duress card alarm
      • Creates dismiss code for dismissing alarm
      • Accurate data and time display provided by a built-in electronic clock and watchdog program to ensure the basic function of the terminal
      • Data can be permanently saved after power-off
      • Supports EM card reading


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