Smart WiFi Switch with metering

Smart WiFi Switch with metering


Din Rail TO-Q-SY1-JWT Smart WiFi Switch can remotely control to set time, loop time, and countdown through a mobile phone anywhere,  it has included the metering function for power consumption statistics,

it can query the status and power of the device anytime and anywhere and can be combined with smart scenarios for various combined applications.


TO-Q-SY1-JWT Din Rail Smart WiFi Switch:

TO-Q-SY1 Din Rail smart WiFi switch using the latest smart “Tuya” chip, it can be configured with the router more quickly and stably, turning ordinary electrical appliances into smart products instantly, it can control the switch to set time, cycle time and countdown through the remote mobile phone, in addition to the TO-Q-SY1-JWT model adss a power consumption statistics function, more accurate power statistics, remote viewing anytime and anywhere, so that the cost of every penny is clear, set according to the power consumption.


  • “Smart Life” APP support
  • Schedule timing, countdown, loop timing.
  • Electricity Metering (Class 2 accuracy)
  • Third-party voice control switch by Amazon Alexa echo dot, Google assistant, Tencent’s Xiaowei, Baidu DuerOS


  • Working voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Current Frame: 63A (Suggest under 40A)
  • Wireless type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, ZigBee (Customization)
  • Support system: Android, iOS, HarmonyOS.



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